3 Beautiful Ideas for Simple Christmas Decorations

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The Christmas decoration can be simple and stunning. The simple Christmas decorations are available for you. Surely it can be done easily in a short of time and also save your budget. Many people worry when the Christmas is coming because they should spend much of their money for the decoration. Decorating your home for Christmas is not always expensive. What you need here are your creativity and a little effort. Both indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations can be done in a simple way. Here we have some tips to maximize your simple Christmas decoration.
White stunning simple Christmas decorations on table

Table for Simple Christmas Decorations

Having a simple decoration for Christmas can be done starting from the table. Put a table in the center of the room. Then, go to the forest to collect some pine cones. Color the spray cones in gold using spray-paint. Then, make some fake snow using the tinsels. Place the gold pine cones and the tinsels snow on the table. It’s very easy, simple, and inexpensive. This kind of decoration will create an old atmosphere from Celtic that symbolizes fertility.

Simple Christmas decorations for Christmas tree and stairs

Tree for Simple Christmas Decorations

The Christmas tree has a vital role for the decoration. To have a simple decoration of Christmas tree, you can try to use the faux tree because getting the real one will be expensive. No need to get the big one. After you get the tree, let’s start to decorate it using any handmade ornaments. Get some ribbons and tinsels. Create some Christmas ornaments such as stars and balls from the tinsels. Combine several colors of tinsels. Then, wrap the Christmas tree using the ribbons. Of course, you need to match the color of the tinsels and the ribbons. Both of tinsels and ribbons are easy to get and inexpensive. You can do the decoration in a short of time.

White and red simple Christmas decorations using garlands

Inside Your House

Then, let’s start to decorate the other spots in your house. After you get the table and the Christmas tree, it’s also important to decorate the walls, shelves, doors, and windows. Of course, it also can be done easily. To save the budget, use the tinsels and ribbons. Hang some ribbons on the walls and doors. Cut the tinsels into many Christmas ornaments and put it on the walls, doors, and windows. Then, you can also place some chandeliers on the shelves or in the corner of the room.

What do you think about the ideas above? It is very simple, right? Now you should be able to have your simple Christmas decorations.

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